“5 out of 5 (wow!) Send private messages that even your IT staff can't view. Securely share confidential information with other business associates”

Stephanie Miles

safedrop exceeds requirements set out by the ICO, Solicitors Regulation Authority, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and European Data Protection Act. All actions are audited.



Instant, signed for, delivery.
Instant deliveries, with proof of delivery.



Simple security
No plugins or recipient passwords means safedrop works for all recipients.  

What happens when one of your team needs to send a sensitive document outside the firm?

If you don't have an easy to follow policy, they will probably send an email or even a fax. The result? At best, the client will not be impressed that their data is being sent 'in the clear' over the public internet.

At worst - your firms reputation is on the line, and your brand could suffer massive damage if a leak is uncovered. 

92% of large respondents (>250 people) to an Infosec/PWC survey had a security incident in 2010. Median cost of the breach £280k - £690k.

46% of respondents had staff lose or leak conīŦdential data.

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Secure DX online
Easy to use and administer
Tracking and recipient verification



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Leaks happen every day, usually when the right tools aren't available

BT accidentally released 4,000 customers details by email to comply with a court order - these were then exposed by hackers, embarrassing BT, and almost shutting down law firm ACL (link). The litigation department at Herts Council faxed sensitive childcare details to the wrong person instead of the barristers’ chambers, twice -  £100,000 fine from the ICO.

Leaks happen every day, most of them are avoidable, and result from people just needing to get things done, and not having a process to manage sensitive documents.

Secure DX alternative that's easy to use

safedrop is a hosted secure file sharing solution that exceeds the requirements set out by the ICO and Solicitors Regulation Authority. It's available from as little as £2/user/month, and the web based client requires no training or capex. 

To use? Users join your companies private domain, login, and send files or messages securely. Recipients just need am email address, and are identity checked with email tokens - no account or registration required. Recipients can even reply and use your branded service to send fee earners sensitive or large documents up to 2Gb.

safedrop is the only SAAS secure messaging service available on the market that provides

Useable security
No plugins or recipient passwords mean the system works, and is useable in time sensitive environments where the slightest delay means reversion to fax or other insecure media.

Protection from inside leaks - accidental or otherwise.
Together with an application level firewall safedrop lets you audit *all* inbound and outbound messages and files. With other managed services nothing stops your users from  setting up private accounts, and exporting data - without your consent or control.

safedrop exceeds the requirements set out by the ICO and Solicitors Regulation Authority. All communications are encrypted at all times, and all safedrops expire when they're no longer needed. An audit log allows you to monitor all communications, and prove that files were delivered.

Optional integration with iManage and Outlook.

Your team access and send sensitive documents every day. If you don't provide access to a service like safedrop, you may well be breaching compliance guidelines every day. 

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