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share large files

up to 5Gb per file, and you can share thousands of files

self destruct & expire

All messages expire, and after that are deleted from our servers. You can also choose self destruct!

GDPR compliant

Turn on terms to inform recipients that you will be tracking and recording their actions. They press OK to continue. 

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safedrop is brought to you by the same team that run projectfusion.com - secure collaboration, co-authoring and data rooms.

share with a secure link

Use a link to securely share files anywhere, email, intranet or social media. All files have expiry dates or self destruct after view.

no passwords

Recipients get a magic link instead. Much much easier.

audit trails

Full audit trails show all activity and downloads. We send you a copy by email too.

safedrop lets users send audited secure messages & files to anyone with an email address.

Regulated businesses need the security features, which include: recipient verification, customisable terms of use, read receipts (yay!), expiry receipts, full audit trails, encryption and self destruct after delivery.

Recipients do not need to signup for an account, which can save a lot of pain.


To view a safedrop, you click it’s address link. We then send you an email with a magic link which is valid for a few minutes. Click on the link and get your files.

  • The link expires after a short amount of time.
  • The link can only be used once.
  • The link only allows you to download from one safedrop


Track everything. You can a read receipt when the safedrop is viewed, and when it expires you get a full summary by email, showing who looked, who didn’t, and what they saw.


Each safedrop message has an enforced expiry date, after which it is removed from the server. A self destruct option is ideal for maximum security – after a message has been downloaded, it is deleted.

To ensure GDPR compliance each delivery asks the users to accept a set of terms of use, that you control.

We automatically scan for viruses, and can enforce black lists – where any content with blacklist words is automatically quarantined.

safedrop is ideal for sending large documents (up to 5Gb) with guaranteed delivery, and for sensitive information, with all information encrypted at all times.

safedrop is operated by Projectfusion. We have been providing secure collaboration since 2001, and are an ISO27001 accredited company. Everything is hosted in the UK, where the help desk offers a 2 minute in app response time.


Unlike most cloud services, this service can easily be self hosted making it ideal for the most sensitive files. Or use our simple Rest API to integrate with your intranet or DMS – giving you a state of the art hybrid cloud / on premise solution for file sharing.

Integrations include: Alfresco (now), iManage (March), Projectfusion (March), Visual Files (March).


What if I send the safedrop to someone else?
Each safedrop can be locked to a list of email address. Only people with those emails can get the files

Whats the maximum file size
5Gb for one file.

How does self destruct work?
With self destruct, each recipient can only download safedrop files once. When all recipients download a safedrop it is removed from our server. Ideal for super sensitive files.

Terms of use?
Recipients have to accept your terms of use before viewing the safedrop. These terms typically include a clause to state they agree to their viewing being tracked – this is important for GDPR compliance.

Enterprise editions available now, SME edition March.

From £40/user per year.

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